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: no nomination for jamie foxx or for leonardo dicaprio. >> leonardo dicaprio is sort of always the bridesmaid when it comes to the oscar. he's been nominated four times in the past, he's never won. and this year, he didn't even get nominated. >> reporter: as expected, "lincoln" took home a dozen nominations, the most of any movie. those left off the list can take comfort they're in good company. judy garland was passed over for "the wizard of oz." alfred hitchcock never won best director, although he was nominated for "psycho" and four other
, leonardo dicaprio, and jamie foxx. >>> from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden, and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," january 2nd, 2013. >>> good evening, i'm cynthia mcfadden. tonight we begin with a twisted tale of romance gone deadly wrong. today, opening arguments began the shocking murder trial of a 32-year-old woman who stands accused of an unbelievably violent crime. slashing, stabbing and shooting her one-time boyfriend. since her arrest, her story of what happened that night has shifted dramatically, and soon, her life could depend on which version a jury believes. here's abc's ryan owens. >> reporter: she may have won this jailhouse christmas carolling contest, but jody arias may have a much tougher time winning over a jury. >> this is not a case of whodunit. the person who committed this killing sits in court today. >> reporter: the 32-year-old who faces the death penalty cried today as prosecutors laid out their opening arguments, detailing for the jury in phoenix, arizona, how she allegedly murdered her one-time boyfriend travis
. no nomination for jamie foxx for for leonardo dicaprio. >> leonardo dicaprio is always the bridesmaid when it comes to the oscar. he's been nominated four times in the past. he's never won. this year, he didn't even get nominated. >> reporter: as expected, "lincoln" took home a dozen nominations, the most of any movie. i'm david wright, in hollywood. >> always a few
with tarantino and two of the film's stars, leonardo dicaprio and jamie foxx, for their only joint interview about this movie. which defies classification. an epic revenge fantasy -- >> i like the way you die, boy. >> romantic western. it's also surprisingly funny. a shock given the topic. slavery. >> anyone bring any extra bags? >> no, nobody brought an extra bag. >> i'm just asking. >> one critic said recently there is something for everyone to hate in this film. and something to make everybody mad. >> i don't think you do a film like this with quentin tarantino and not expect that. i think it's what you sign up for. a black person i was talking to says the "n" word bothered me. i said it's supposed to. >> what's your name? >> django. >> then you're exactly the one i'm looking for. >> foxx plays a freed slave on a blood-soaked mission to free his wife played by kerry washington. tarantino is explosive, loaded with violence and more than a hundred uses of the "n" word. >> i don't think anybody is actually going out there saying that we use the word more excessively than it was used in 1858
talking. it's a "nightline" interview. it's hard to imagine jamie foxx as a slave, or leonardo dicaprio as a despicable slave owner. >> i'm curious. >> i'm curious what makes you so curious. >> and yet, here they are facing off in one of the most daring movies of the year, "django unchained." >> what's your name? >> django. the d is silent. >> the latest from the provocative writer-director quentin tarantino. the new film defies classification. a revenge fantasy. >> i like the way you die, boy. >> a romance. a western. and it has everyone talking. one critic said recently, there is something for everyone to hate in this film. and something to make everybody mad. >> i don't think that you do a film like this with quentin tarantino and not expect that. i think it's what you sign up for. >> foxx plays a freed slave who goes on a blood-soaked mission to rescue his wife, played by kerry washington. >> you scaring me. >> foxx says he quickly discovered he'd have to park all his success at the door. >> quentin, he looked at me and he says you got to be a slave. i went what is that about? as i
some pain. some civil rights leaders are angry over the fantasy called "jango unchained." leonardo dicaprio and the talking german shepherd that can fly. i didn't know he was in it. it has called for a boycott and the director of an l.a. civil rights organization is calling on the toy company to stop selling these do toys. they say it is a slap in the face of our ancestors. they go on to say, we feel it terrorism lieses the horrors of slavery. i think we have a clip of the film. >> sorry, that was from my perm collection. have i a website devoted to that the. i don't know why. the doctor has been telling me to stop. hair rirks i go to you -- harris, i go to you for no particular reason. what is your take? are these action figures or are they something more? >> every film gets a cult following. this film is very popular. it has these action figures. unless these characters have something i don't know. have they been taken from the past to the future. this is how they market every film. they have done movies like this. if you turn on a new generation to history what is the problem wi
's snub, a term i coined just now is "argo"'s ben afflec and katherine bigelow and leonardo dicaprio and samuel l jackson for best supporting actor and everybody in" magic mike" for best ensemble ever. >> let's discuss in the -- >> lightning round. >> i knew it was coming. you are haters now. >> sherrod, "lincoln" is the early favorite for best picture. >> take a moment for lincoln, other than ronald regan what other two republicans can we talk about? >> hubert humphrey much? >> doesn't he make a vacuum cleaner? >> that's hoover. >> i think it will win it all. you can't put steven spielberg and lincoln under the same you will brel law. >> and tommy lee jones. >> he didn't make it for best actor did it? >> yes jie. he was better in "lincoln" than he was in" men in black." >> i thought daniel day. >> tommy lee stole that movie. >> he had the best lines. >> and the interracial sex. >> that's true with his maid. >> that's right. >> he for it up, i heard. >> juliette, biggest snub? >> i have to be honest, i don't see movies really. >> you are one of those? you don't even have a tv, do you
something great in great. with my lineage being linked to it i loved the element of fantasy. leonardo dicaprio is one of my favorite characters, the candy land and the way that the slaves were dressed. there was this element of it not even being real because it was so fantasticcal. but the slave never wins. and django is a film that people should see. >> cenk: he flipped it upside down like inglorious bastards it was great. lauren, from jack and jill, thanks. spike is wrong. fox news is wrong. it's a great movie. >>> when we come back, chris christie, republicans attacking one another. that's great. but there is an important point we need to make about conservatism versus progressism. >> i'm saying anyone in new york and new jersey who contributes one penny to the rich, chewy caramel rolled up in smooth milk chocolate. don't forget about that payroll meeting. rolo.get your smooth on. also in minis. is. >> cenk: all right. now the presence not voting just about the fiscal cliff at the end of their session. they were going to vote on hurricane sandy getting relief over there. they p
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: with leonardo dicaprio caprio. >> and that was not the reality i was you everything in my bed worrying i was allergic to the wallpaper. >> rose: people but one stroke of luck could be me? >> >> i could have been her, i know everything she knows, i have every skill she has but she had a break. >> well, it is so funny because i feel like that is sort of the crux of most of the -- most of the distaste that people have had for me, and maybe that -- you, again you never want to subject to try to understand why anyone dislakes you, it is their right -- >> rose: do you feel it?. i mean there is definitely more -- there was too much sort of negative attention surrounding the positive attention for me to totally ignore it. >> rose: what was the negative? >> categorize the negative. >> i think that the show, there was a lot of hype before it came out and i understand someone who used to -- i used to have that feeling if everybody likes a band then i don't want to like it, i am over that now but it was definitely -- >> rose: if everybody likes it, i don't want to belong. >> exactly so i think ther
was meticulous in record-keeping. database even movie that came out, marvel casting of leonardo dicaprio as j. edgar hoover. who came up with that? i would have preferred brad pitt frankly for that role, but -- [laughter] but in any event, the movie has lots of falsehoods. but most what we're given as alleged history, i'll present company excepted, is that. i am reminded of what mary mccarthy said about william holmes. every word she writes is a lie, including and and the. [laughter] and that's my view, of what is out there about who. i think he -- for the same reasons chambers gets me. finally, hoover himself was very skeptical of chambers. these fbi guys didn't just accept anybody and anyone telling them so. they didn't accept that we. they spent a lot of time backtracking, checking. i might say evasively checking up on people through wiretaps, which there are many in the fbi files, transcripts but i say once you read raw wiretaps you never want to go back. that's the real stuff. this is unedited. it's the real thing. and what they did over and over again was to find out who was telling the
, que asistieron el a los globos de oro, el guapo leonardo dicaprio hacÍa caras divertidas al bailar, selena gÓmez con sus mejores amigas, y ben affleck con su hermano celebrÓ los dos galardones, y las hispanas no se quedaron atrÁs, deleitando con la belleza y talento, y se acerca el festival de cine sundance, los hispanos estarÁn bien representados, se preparan para recibir a celebridades en la mansiÓn, la Última moda son las botas de nieve. en la portada de esta semana, mÁs sexy que nunca, aparece nicole kidman, a los 45 aÑos disfruta al mÁximo su familia y su carrera. >>> llegamos al final de nuestro segmento especial de la revisa ta de hollywood reporter. vamos al estudio. >>> gracias nineth. y bueno, estÁ que echa chispas galilea montijo con una revista en mÉxico, regresamos, vamos con inÉs morenreno para que explique por quÉ, y a que aventura se lanza la presentadora de televisiÓn, adelante, buenas tardes. >>> molesta estÁ galilea montijo con una revista que publicÓ que ella tuvo una discusiÓn pÚblica con su esposo por un dinero que le debÍa. >>> sÍ, pÓner
's a leonardo dicaprio film with the drug cartel, and they're advertising. it's just breathtaking. >> yes. >> are they getting out of drugs and into movies? >> no, they want to diversify. they might be doing gambling on monday, human trafficking on tuesday, child prostitution on wednesday, drug dealing on thursday, and counterfeiting on friday. >> but even more than organized crime, it's the internet that has hollywood's hair on fire. john malcolm says pirated movies are being uploaded onto the internet in a matter of hours and then downloaded very quickly using some gee-whiz computer technology called bit torrent. >> bit torrent. and what it does is, it takes a movie file, which is a very large file, and it breaks it up into very small pieces so that it is easier to trade back and forth via a swarm. >> malcolm showed us what a bit torrent program looks like on his computer. the programs are perfectly legal, but every day, we're told, up to 50 million people around the world are using programs like this to illegally download pirated movies. and you're downloading the movie right now? >> t
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for a number of months. the movie stars leonardo dicaprio, carrie mulligan and toety maungier. >>> one of the stars of the tv show "modern family" is joining the fight for marriage equality in illinois. jesse tyler ferguson was in chicago to show his support of same sex marriage in the state. ferguson and his "modern family" character are both openly gay. >> it's something that i've grown a thick skin for. you know i certainly respect everyone's right to their own opinion but i think at the end of day we have to agree that treating any american as a second class citizen is just not okay and you know putting the rights and civil rights and the hands of the majority for those in the minority is just not okay. >> the proposal will go before the state senate this week. if it passes illinois will be the tenth state to recognize same sex marriage. the first same sex couples got married here in maryland after midnight on january 1st. >>> one man says what's good for the goose is good for the gander. >> after a newspaper prints the names of gun owners in one state is reader has turned the tabl
drunk, spewing that word every ten seconds. >> leonardo dicaprio said when they first started this movie he had a real problem saying the word and they said just get it out. but he did say, i really had a problem with this at first. >> i was taught never to say that word, it was so incredibly offensive, i'm with leonardo dicaprio, i don't think i could say it. >>> burmese bpythons are threatening florida. while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic. you and your doctor should balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen and meloxicam have the same cardiovascul
company party at trader vick's, you will see all the "django unchained," leonardo dicaprio people and jamie foxx. and jennifer lawrence, "silver linings playbook" and bradley cooper and tina fey and amy poehler, the hosts tonight, having their own party at the soho house, those people lucky enough to be invited to that one. >> everything is so carefully managed. i'm wondering what is it we don't see on tv that you get to see? >> i have been to all these award shows multiple times. the thing that always fascinates me are the seat fillers. backstage there are just plenty of people all dressed up in tuxedos and ball gowns but they are absolute knobs. they are just there to fill a seat if, say, someone like jessica chastain has to use the ladies room, she can't just get up and go, somebody has to sit in her seat and she has to be dress aid appropriately in case a camera goes over jessica's session. you don't want to see empty seats this is hollywood. you want to see butts in seats. one thing i have loved about the behind the scene scenes there. not only does the golden globes have a l
mas kwer raided as doctors in america. >> ms. mace. >> unless it's leonardo dicaprio examining you, go online and make sure your doctor is a licensed physician in your state. >> at number 23, treating the wrong patient. carrie is bleeding three months into her pregnancy. some she fears she's about to lose her unborn baby to a miscarriage. she's waiting in a hospital room when a nurse comes in and ask if your name is carrie. carrie says yes and follows the nurse to a c.t. scan room. the nurse tells carrie a doctor wants a scan of her abdomen abdomen and gives her the scan even though she's three months pregnant. >> if you're radiated the abdom abdomen, the baby is going to get radiated. >> the hospital has confused carrie with another patient named a carrie. >> the scan in a pregnant woman will increase the risk that child will get leukemia. at that early stage of gestation, the fetus is also at risk of getting birth defects. >> fortunately, carrie's son nathan is doing just fine. >> how do they confuse patients? >> it often happens with people who have similar names. so especially for
chastain has it. >> do you think that we'll see leonardo dicaprio for best supporting actor. >> i would geek out and back flip. nominated three times and never won. i feel they're going to the safe route, tommy lee jones in loin c lincoln. i'd love to see leonardo dicaprio he for django unchained or the first from a bond movie, sky fall. >> what about ann hathaway, what do you think. >> ann hathaway, she deserves all five nominations, she was incredible. there was a three-minute and 40 second scene she sings i dreamed a dream not cut once, no cuts in the shot incredible she deserves it, but you might see sally field up there for lincoln as well. an interesting race this year and hoping they think outside the box a little bit and give it to something not so safe. >> clayton: anne hathaway a strong year and surprised everyone with a performance as cat woman in dark knight rises. >> clayton and i are fellow geeks. >> alisyn: we know that. we see a vulcan mind meld happening here. >> clayton: kevin will be back on friday to see his predictions how they fared. have a great week. >> be out he
at a mississippi plantation owned by leonardo dicaprio's character, and the plantation is called candyland. does it sound insane? well, it is. it's quintin tarantino. but he does a masterful job of depicting the deplorable history of slavery. foxx recently did a joke in an opening monologue on "snl" about how it was great to kill all the white people in the movie. believe me, you want his character to kill the white people who enslave him in the movie there are many a-list actors in the movie. but the one who steals the show in my view is samuel l. jackson. he plays a house slave at dicaprio's plantation, and he is a vile character. he is smart. he is arguably the smartest character in the movie. he has been corrupted, he has turned on his own, and he is black. so this is not exactly some hate whitey movie either there is something in "django unchained" to offend everybody. the film packs a powerful message. and like i said, spike lee ought to see it. four stars. that's "hardball" for now. thank you for being with us. "the ed show" with ed schultz starts right now. >>> good evening, americans, a
tarantino's film "django unchained." i sat down with two of the films stars, leonardo dicaprio and jamie foxx, along with the director, quentin tarantino. it's an epic, revenge fantasy. >> i like the way you die, boy. >> romantic westerns. one critic said recently, there's something for everyone to hate in this film. >> i don't think you do a film like this with quentin tarantino and not expect that. that's what you sign up for. >> i don't think anybody is going out there saying we used the word more excessively than it was used in 1858 in mississippi. >> reporter: leonardo plays the despicable calvin candee. >> we got us a fight going on. it's a good bit of fun. >> reporter: a plantation owner and all-around bad guy, who uses the "n" word repeatedly. >> i have to say, the first day on set was incredibly difficult for me. >> it's supposed to be tough. you're not supposed to feel like that's normal in 2012, 2013. >> reporter: and then there's the violence. does the director think the violence he puts on the screen makes real violence more likely? >> it's nothing new. in shakespeare's time
leonardo dicaprio would get a nomination or samuel l. jackson would get a nomination but neither did. beth suft porting actress, amy adams, sally field who was masterful in that movie. helen hunt, anne hathaway, and we just heard scott fine burgh say it's been 31 years since a movie has been nominated in every major category and that happened this year for "silver linings playbook." this could be the year of this small movie that i have to say was one of my favorites. and yours and many others. thanks so much. i want to get to jackie weaver. she was just nominated as best supporting actress. she plays dollar ores, bradley cooper's mom. wake up, how did you find out? >> i was watching the television. i couldn't sleep. i'm so excited. i'm here in l.a. only got her from australia yesterday. because i'm going to make a movie in texas. i do not believe this was going to happen. i'm so thrilled. it's such a beautiful film. and david russell is wonderful. we're such a great team. i love bradley and jen. we had a great time. >> congratulations. >> i can't believe it. >> your body clock has to be a
recognition. and it's a big hit. >> another thing to watch for, is leonardo dicaprio conceivably getting nominated for supporting actor. >> supporting actor might all be people that won oscars before. >> big roles in these movies. supporting actress, anne hathaway is a favorite. >> that category is loaded. but she goes up against people like sally field. >> and is daniel day-lewis a shoe-in for best actor? >> you have to think he's a leader at this stage of the game. and everybody else will be happy to be there. >> that's the closest one we can predict will get nominated and will win. >> for a role he turned down at first. >> wow. we're just seconds away, right now. go to on yahoo! to fill out your oscar ballot. we'll be right back in just a minute, with the [ cheers and applause ] >>> welcome back to "good morning america." you know, we have been counting down all morning to the oscar nominations. what a big year for so many actors and actresses. we want to head out to the samuel goldwyn theater in beverly hills, california. where seth macfarlane is joined by emma
with the "django unchained," but you cannot snub bigelow, leonardo dicaprio never been awarded. an actor from a james bond film never nominated and should be nominated. he was incredible. i was upset with the nominees yesterday. i think they're going to go with the safe choice and give it to "lincoln." they always go safe, it's the oscars every year. i was not happy this year. >> tell me about the critics choice award. fun moments, i understand? >> lauren and i, my girlfriend and i were there last night. it was the most incredible experience of my life. i'm sitting there geeking out with robert de nero for a minute. one of the craziest moments was daniel day-lewis, i'm like, i walk up to this guy, he looks just like lincoln in real life, by the way. i walk up to him. we have a picture of me talking to him. he's genuinely laughing. and lauren and i were talking to the stars, jennifer lawrence. the best part the night, and this geeked me out, joss weeden was at the after party dancing on the floor by himself. there's a picture of lauren and i, we walked up and basically break dance with him for
and i stole it. >> they're just so out of touch. >> tucker: what about leonardo dicaprio. >> alisyn: did he deserve something. >> he's nominated three times. they're going to give him the martin scorcese effect. and let him win later on in his career for a film that's not deserving. and martin scorcese, why didn't he win for taxi driver. and gary oldman, tinker tailor, soldier spice. and javier bardem, a bond actor has not been nominated. tommy lee jones and alan arkin weren't as good. and what was your surprise. >> the nomination for the nine-year-old, as well as emanuel ariffa for the 85-year-old. the youngest and oldest actress nominations in the history of the academy many and by the way. emanuel turns 86 the night of the academy awards, that's cool. >> alisyn: and kevin, thank you. >> thank you so much, guys. >> tucker: people across the country waiting in line to get a flu shot as the outbreak spreads and now a second state declared a health emergency. the latest on the epidemic. >> mike: an overweight woman falls through a sidewalk, and saved by the belly. an unlikely hero. we'll
years if you can believe that and leonardo dicaprio was terrifically terribly in "django unchained." >> you could see anne hathaway. sally field. helen hunt, and amy adams, and nicole kidman could see a nomination as well. also, best director, this is a good category as well. lots of really heavy-hitting directors that are up. we could see steven spielberg get a nomination for lincoln. katheryn big low will get one as well. ben affleck for "argo." he'll likely get a nomination. ang lee, and maybe michael hanake. maybe david o. russell. quintin tarentino. this could be a category that could make an extremely good film get shut out. >> at least three films expected to top the oscars list for best picture. they're historical and political. >>. >> since 1927, nearly half the movies are about something historical. why does history and politics make for so much of oscar's attention. take a look. sometimes it's as simple as presidents, patriots and politics and phipps like "lincoln" "zero dark 30" and "argo." we're reminded of the country's darkest moments. at the time the economy is roug
sat down with the only interview with the controversial director and two of his stars, leonardo dicaprio and jamie foxx. one critic said, there's something for everyone to hate in this movie. >> you don't do a movie like this with quentin tarantino and not expect that. a black person i was talking to said, does the "n" word bother me? it's supposed to. >> i don't think anyone is saying it is used more excessively than used in 1858 in mississippi. if that's not the case, they can shut up. >> what's your name? >> django. >> you're exactly the one i'm looking for. >> reporter: foxx plays a freed slave on a mission to free his wife. in tarantino's hands, the material is explosive, loaded with violence. >> this was one of the most narcissistic, self-indulgent, racist, most despicable characters i ever read in my life. >> reporter: dicaprio plays candy. plantation owner and vicious racist, who uses the "n" word constantly. >> i have to say, the first day on set was incredibly difficult for me. when jamie was there. >> come on. >> reporter: let him. >> all right. i watched it. i watched. and he
with the oscars is tarantino's snub, not getting best director, and then leonardo dicaprio wasn't nominated for an actor role in had this film as well as jaimie foxx, samuel l. jackson, kerry washington. only christoph waltz will get an academy award nomination for this film. >> pull up a chair. we're going to watch the globes tonight. >> cannot wait for that. >> good to sigh. come see us again. here's what we've been asking of all you today. do you think political views should affect oscar nominations? here are some of your tweets. ben says "it's the most ridiculous thing to even consider political views for personal achievement and art. what does one have to do with the other." james campbell writes "political views that'll affect the moral character of country are fair game. torture as an effective tool should not be endorsed." amanda heisey tweets, "no. if the act mi wants to make the oscars about art and execution it shouldn't matter. it would only discourage the industry." and april pardon responds, "no, they are not nominate ford their political views but rather for their talents." t
. it's a wonder. >> the wonder of engineering. >> bring leonardo forward. i don't mean dicaprio. it would bring him to tears. >>> the protection bureau is unveiling new rules for mortgage servicers after the cfcb reloosed new regulations on mortgage lending. good morning. >> good morning, andrew. some of these may sound familiar from last year's settlement. but that only covers about half the market. so these rules are designed to protect borrowers from robo signing and other foreclosure revenueses. service, a is servicesers mouft give time for ending dual tracking. so businesses must notify delinquent borrowers of foreclosure alternatives in writing and provide, quote, easy, ongoing access to a servicing representative to help those borrowers. the servicer can't put its own interest first. during the crisis, some skfrsers foreclosed because it was in their financial interests. other rules covered basic stuff like clear monthly statements, warnings before rate adjustments and easy access to sloan. this hits the rest of the markets, especially. those whose stocks have been on a t
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